Evil Eye Jewellery

The symbolism and superstition of the evil eye is known around the globe, with people of all cultures wearing evil eye jewellery for protection to shield them from bad luck and harm. The myth and meaning behind the evil eye symbol differs slightly from culture to culture, but in the simplest form, the evil eye is a look directed towards someone that is intended to inflict harm, negativity or some form of bad luck. 

It represents the fear of those destructive energies that arises from negative emotions, like jealousy, hatred and envy. Desire for protection against these negative emotions is a universal impulse and for thousands of years ancient cultures and religions resorted to unimaginable procedures and sacred symbols to protect them and stop them becoming a target for these evil forces.

Many early cultures adopted the eye as an icon for their protection. To protect against the negative energy of envious looks, people often use an evil eye bead, or talisman, to redirect the bad spirits back onto the world and keep the bearer safe.